Riser Weld+Ends

For easier replacement of underwater risers

PLIDCO® Riser Weld+Ends are designed to simplify the replacement of underwater risers on offshore gas and oil lines–without welding underwater.


This fitting has additional clamping and thrust screws to provide a seal for high pressure and for resisting extreme end-pull.

Installation is rapid. The Riser Weld+Ends is socket-welded at the surface to the new replacement riser and lowered into the water. A diver cuts out the old riser, stabs the new fitting over the cut-off pipe, then tightens the clamping and thrust screws for a complete leakproof seal without welding.

Available in all standard sizes; special sizes as specified. Buna-N packing is standard, other packing available on application.

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Offshore Riser Pipeline Repair Without Underwater Welding